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We’ve carefully selected each product to provide outstanding hydroponic Adelaide supplies for unmatched versatility and quality with a passion for gardening, cultivation, and bringing better solutions to our customers.

We make growing your own empire easy with our range of new technologies and popular favourite essentials that help our customers get their projects up and running. Tried, true, and tested, our hydroponic supplies are renowned for their diverse variety for agriculturists through to hobbyists, with enough flexibility to meet the needs of leading cultivators in the industry.

Offering this level of equipment is not the only matter we specialise in; at Hydro Kingdom, we offer our clients hydroponic Adelaide solutions that are backed by our expert knowledge. When they face issues, including any problems with pests, or how to choose the best nutrients for your plants, our hydroponic online store is here to help. Based in Adelaide, we provide our supplies to customers right across Australia, making us the go-to for industry-leading products.


Hydroponic Supplies Adelaide Trusts for Quality Results

Whether you’re a seasonal planter or just starting out, we make accessing superior stock easy when shopping at our online hydroponic store.

Explore various items to help you prosper in environmentally friendly conditions by using less soil and water as you nurture your creations indoors. Our equipment also supports you in your quest to produce vegetables, herbs, and grasses, helping them thrive with our many bestsellers.

Our online store’s range of equipment, propagation, and harvesting products will meet any gardeners’ requirements to sustain and create healthy crops. Start with a little seed and watch as you cultivate and harvest A-grade yields.

There are infinite possibilities when buying at competitive prices and gathering the right tools and equipment to set up ideal conditions for your plants. Our hydroponic supplies include a wide variety of:

  • Lighting – available in a range of sizes, kits, and price points.
  • Harvesting Items – trimmers, pruners, and packages.
  • Plant Protection – insect traps, insecticides, and foggers.
  • Nutrients – bloom boosters, recovery kits, and plant health.
  • Equipment – timer board, fans, air pumps, and much more.

While this is just a small selection of quality goods we offer, you will discover a range of valuable items for your needs as you browse through our selection. Best of all, we can provide reliable recommendations based on your needs, no matter what you’re looking for.


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Bringing You The Very Best For All-Year Gardening Propagation

Shipping Australia-wide, you can yield the best produce all year long with quality hydroponic supplies Adelaide continues to choose as their first option. Featuring the latest technologies and equipment – including timer boards, lighting kits, a range of accessories, and so much more – you can access everything you need at your fingertips with a simple click of a button.

Whether you order and contact us online or visit us in our Newtown store in Adelaide, we offer discreet customer service so you can grow better. Delivered directly to your door, we are passionate about selling our stock to support sustainable and safe growth.

Our hydroponic online store in Adelaide welcomes bulk order enquiries and offers free delivery when you spend over $500.